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About Breakers and Controls

My name is Eddie. I was president of Breakers & Controls Inc, and now president of Breakers & Controls Florida Inc. I have been serving this industry over 30 years, specializing in buying and selling new, used, current and obsolete electrical products. In addition to maintaining an extensive inventory for a quick delivery, we price our material so that you can get orders. I work very hard in taking care of my customers and that is why we have grown to be our customers preferred vendor.

Breakers & Controls was established in the basement of my house in July of 1992. I worked out of my basement for 3 years before moving into a double store front. 3 years after, we moved into a 5200 sq. foot warehouse in the year 2000 The Company expanded and opened in Florida. We have been steadily growing do to the great support we give our customers and the great support we get in return.

We are a company that believes in providing prompt and friendly service and working together with other vendors locating customer needs. With the growing number of competitors in this industry, we have to stay one step ahead. We will make every effort to respond to all inquiries with price & availability as quickly and accurately as possible. We offer a 24hr emergency service at a very reasonable price. We can also test Circuit Breakers up to 2000 Amps with test report. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE